Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe

Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe
Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe

Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe is a model side dish. This recipe has its origin from Germany but recently is considered as an American German recipe. The story has it that German immigrants are the people that introduced it to the Americans.

It very easy to prepare and has may vary depending on choice. It goes well with vinegar sauce, but I love the creamy type.  This recipe we made use of rice vinegar, and that what makes it a light dish. The use of sauce made with cream, sugar, garlic, and little quantity of vinegar makeup of the creamy kind.  There are many modifications, but I promise you will enjoy it. The introduction of basil herb makes it unique from other recipes.

What specie of Cucumber Should I Use for Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe?

Cucumber with less seed is good, but if there is no such, it is still ok. Cucumbers with good favor like English spices are a better choice for this recipe. It does not require sweating, as it might end up having a volume of water content.

Appetizing Cucumber

Dried Dill is it a good substitute for Fresh dill?

The best for this recipe is fresh dill, and that what makes everything appealing to taste. Dry dill can also be suitable, but I have not tried it to know how it goes with the recipe but will advise you to add a little quantity.

Can You Make Cucumber Salad with Yogurt?

If you prefer the creamy type of this salad, then you may think of adding yogurt in place of cream or sauce. The taste of yogurt makes it favorable and craving to look.

Can You Make It in Advance?

The salad can be enjoyed two hours after preparation but has to be put in a refrigerator to get the best flavor. The cucumber can be prepared separately and stored before mixing with other ingredients. It can last long enough in a fridge in an airtight container.

To Peel or Not To Peel Cucumbers

It depends on the specie of cucumber. Some species like English kinds have tinny skins, so peeling is not needed, but it all depends on the maturity of the cucumber. Spices with thicker skin can be peel because they tend to be bitter.

English cucumber

How to Determine the Bitterness of a Cucumber?

It isn’t very pleased with their age regarding taste, but they may vary in species. Taste if it is bitter then, and make your adjustment by scraping out the seed. Sometimes to reduce the bitterness, it might need to be soaked in saltwater if you want your salad to taste delicious.

Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe

The preparation time is 5minutes, and the taste the cucumber to know the level of bitterness. The taste will determine whether the seed will be removed or not. Taste before the cutting of the cucumber. Some like to add onions, but it is optional for this recipe.


  • Two pounds (0.91 kg) of cucumbers peeled and cut to the desired shape.
  • 10-15g of fresh dill
  • 10-15g of basil leaves
  • 27 — 43g of seasoned rice vinegar
  • Onions (optional)
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Cut the cucumber lengthwise and scarp off the seeds. Cut into excellent shape. Cut the onion into beautiful shape if you wish to include it.
  • In a sieve, bring all the ingredients (cucumber, Onions, and salt) together and allow draining for 10minutes.
  • Mix the with vinegar and gently stir in the dill to blend.

Enjoy this recipe with Basil and you will get the unique taste.

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