Easy Mozzarella Cheese Recipe


Easy mozzarella cheese recipe was first discovered in Italy. It was traditionally from the farm milk of buffalo but something is from cow milk. It is a delicate cheese and the flavor can not be compared with any of the well-prepared.

Easy mozzarella cheese is a recipe that is considered as the healthiest cheese because if it’s low quality in fat. This cheese can also be made from cow’s milk but buffalo’s mozzarella is best for the recipe as it is very rich in major nutrients.  It has low cholesterol. The iron content is what we can not finish describing here.

Facts about Easy Mozzarella Cheese

  • The origin is from Italy.
  • Buffalo’s milk or the milk of a cow is good for the cheese.
  • It is always soft for the touch.
  • The colour is always white.

The Secret of Easy Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

There are two different types of this cheese: the fresh and the split mozzarella cheese. This cheese has its major property as a soft cheese. You must not eat it immediately after it is prepared.

The cheese was actually made known to Italy by many inversions during the time of the Roman reign. The best milk is from mozzarella cheese is from Buffalo milk and cow milk is always used when buffalo is not available.

easy Mozzarella cheese

There is a lack of buffalo milk because few are involved in the rearing of this species. Most cheese is from cow milk and the majority of the mozzarella cheese is from cow milk.

If you made a decision to make a purchase of the cheese, look for “mozzarella di bufala.”

Properties of this Cheese

  • The mozzarella cheese is always white and the flavour is irresistible. It is a soft cheese and very milk that all is a fan of the variety of its usage.
  • Eat under cool temperature you will definitely love the flavour in a fresh state.
  • Easy mozzarella cheese is easy to find in markets, and we’ll know about the shops. The price of the milk depends on the milk producer.
  • Buffalo’s milk is always expensive compared to cow milk. The buffalo milk is expensive considering the cost of shipping.

How to Make Easy Mozzarella Recipe

making of easy mozzarella cheese
  • The type of milk used in the preparation of the cheese is the same. The process and the ingredients are the same. What might change is the type of milk whether cow or buffalo milk is available is preferred.
  • Mozzarella is enjoyed immediately and finished, honestly that is the best hour to enjoy your cheese but it can be refrigerated. The process of making cheese is the same regardless of the process employed.
  • The rennet is added to the making to form the curds and is a very important ingredient in the making of this cheese. The milk is aided for development with aid of the whey and enables the curd to form.
  • Next, the curd is subjected to heating which makes the cheese to become elastic in nature. The mozzarella is allowed to stretch in order to the mozzarella cheese.
  • The Easy Mozzarella cheese recipe is one of my easiest recipes to make at home. Making the cheese at home is fun when you get used to it. Like that is a lover of Easy Mozzarella cheese recipe making it at home especially at holidays is a hobby and fun.
  • The ingredients are not many sees the Recipe for the list just a few of them to be used. In minutes these cheeses can be made and you are glad to save money from buying from stores.

Mozzarella Cheese Types

You can use any type of milk you like to make these cheeses but traditionally buffalo milk is best and very rare to get because of a few agricultural farmers.

There are many types of Mozzarella cheese ranging from ricotta di bufala, which is very rare because of the case of buffalo and other products like burrata etc. Do you know that yoghurt is also a type of cheese making?

types of mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella fior di latte, is a type of mozzarella cheese in Italy and a derivative of cow milk. It is considered as a common cheese for many that live in the states. In the states is commonly found in the stores.

A good deal of milk is used for this mozzarella like goat milk, even sheep milk is used in areas in Italy. Like in some locations like Lazio and Sardina goat milk is highly produced by local producers.

Easy Mozzarella cheese alternative

Easy Mozzarella cheese is difficult to find an alternative and is classic in its own, widely used in many Recipes.

The best choice of Mozzarella is burrata but it is extremely soft even excessively soft. There are also options that can be used like Monterey Jack and even provolone is good for the recipe. The major difference is that it varies in their flavour.

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Uses of Easy Mozzarella cheese recipe

  • There are many uses of this wonderful recipe and it is widely used in many dishes. Like in the pizza you will find this pizza useful and major in the preparation of pizza.
  • Majority of Italian dishes can not be done without applying this recipe. It is considered as a major recipe in many baked Italian dishes and easy Mozzarella cheese is widely used.
  • It is also used in other countries where I’m preparing many meals for summer outings like tasty lasagna recipes, some use it in salads like cucumber salads and crostini.
  • The cheese is also used in many recipes for topping like bruschetta and even crostini. It is also used in the preparation of Caprese salad
  • And is not missing in the preparation of sandwiches. It is widely used in panini in case you do not know.
  • When olive oil is added with this easy Mozzarella cheese recipe with tomatoes and lemon it can not be regretted by your guests. Easy Mozzarella cheese Recipe is also used in chicken wraps, meatballs and is also widely used for stuffing and in many vegetarian meals and dishes.

How to store Easy Mozzarella cheese recipe.

It is best to prepare these Recipes at home if your family is on budget. It is good to put this recipe that you purchase in water until you are set to use it. Some mozzarella purchased normally has some water content in it. It does not last like the one prepared at home.

making of mozzarella cheese

It is best to refrigerate this cheese as it is the best practice of preservation I know for now. Are you aware that Mozzarella with low moisture lasts longer? It is best to eat the Mozzarella immediately as it is prepared, that is how to enjoy this cheese. The nature of an easy Mozzarella cheese recipe is good. I must tell you not to put it in the refrigerator for a long time.

Some recipes where this homemade mozzarella is used are numerous like tasty lasagna Recipes, Zucchini recipes and even you may know it is used with many basil recipes.

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Easy Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

Making mozzarella cheese recipes is very simple if you learn to make it on your own. The method requires simple, well-known ingredients to make. These steps will help you and serve as a guide to make this mozzarella cheese on your own without any help. The joy of this recipe has been for many years to many and very delicious. The yield is 0.45 kg in weight, and you don’t know how to be an expert chef to make it.


  • 4 kg of milk
  • 8grams of citric acid
  • 4grams of a rennet
  • 4grams of Cheese salt.
  • Equipment
  • A Thermometer
  • Knife for cutting
  • Spoon for stirring
  • A Sieve
  • A Bowl.

Choice of Milk

  • Don’t use raw milk that is heated.
  • Soluble or non-soluble milk is acceptable for this cheese.
  • Locally made milk from the farm is prefered.
  • The dryness of the milk and without much flavour, then use milk that is low in fast.


  • Prepare the work area
  • Focus on the making of the cheese and don’t get distracted. Any other food preparation has to be on hold until the cheese finished.
  • The kitchen environment must be kept clean from dirty stuff. Use your homemade sanitizer to clean everything and everywhere making sure a clean environment.
  • Smash the 4grams of rennet and melt it in a few 32grams of water and must not be chlorinated. In other ways, put the 4grams of the rennet in the liquid form in the water. Put the rennet in a corner to be used later.
  • Put the 8grams of citric acid in a 128grams of water to dissolve properly.  This quantity is equivalent to a cup of water and pours in a pot.
Mozzarella cheese making
  • Next step is to mix the cold non picturized milk in a pot with the citric acid and adequately mix them.
mozzarella making 3
  • Due to the texture of the milk, it will begin to solidify and form curds as it approaches ninety-degree Fahrenheit. Adjust the heat of the liquid to the temperature of 90f.

Hint: If the curd is not adequately formed, at the required temperature increase the temperature to 100F. The temperature is not a problem, and If that is the problem, there is no cause for alarm if the temperature should be adjusted.

method 4
  • It is time to use the rennet that prepared earlier, should be used for this is the proper time for it. At the temperature that the curd has appropriately formed put the dissolved tablet to the milk. Turn the mixture of the rennet with the milk vigorously for thirty seconds and stop.
cutting of the cheese
  • Make sure to cover the pot adequately with stirring it for 5 minutes.
  • Appropriately make a fresh curd and the whey by freeing it for this is proper practice.  By this time that is after the five minutes, the curd must be like custard.
  • Too much milky curd would be allowed to settle by giving it more 35 minutes. Commonly 35 minutes is applied to a soft curd.
method prep pix 6
  • Choice matters a lot in the cutting of the curd. Cut the curds into cubes sizes. Put the put on the heat and stirring while heating at a temperature of 105f. Heat the curd to 120f because of the water bath.
  • The cheese has to be made sure it is firm. Turn the curd for 5minutes after removing the pot from heat. Increase the time to achieve a firm cheese.
  • Allow the soft curd more time to settle for some minutes and use a spoon to turn to a sieve. Turn the curd to a colander making sure is adequately pressed. After the pressing with your palm, some whey will come out and maybe reserved for baking.
Mozzarella preparation
  • Turns the curd to a container, and this is after using heating the curd for one minute. If you love flavoured cheese, add 4gram of salt as you want. There is more separation of whey at this stage from the curd.
  • Just like you did earlier drain the whey as you previously did. This stage the cheese is much hot, so you need to apply a hand glove until it is the reduced hotness of the cheese.
  • I drained the whey appropriately by pressing hard 35 seconds at consecutive two intervals. While heating drained the whey well at each step.
  • The joy of having the cheese is now in play. Press as if you are pushing a bread dough. Continue to press until smooth outside the bowl.
  • Put back into the microwave before you start to stretch it. Put salt at this step to taste, and the cheese should be hot enough to spread, and this is what makes an excellent mozzarella cheese. You will enjoy following these easy steps.
  • Time to Enjoy. Time to press your cheese to become shiny. Your cheese is unique to enjoy now as long as it is refreshing to eat. Put in a cooler to chill to preserve it.

It is best to enjoy it when it is fresh, but you can preserve this cheese for many days in a rubber container in a refrigerator.

Follow these simple steps that will never border on buying a mozzarella in a store and don’t forget us feedback on how you love this recipe.

Question about this cheese recipe.

What is mozzarella cheese made from?

Ans: Mozzarella cheese is made from milk from cows and goats. Traditionally it is made from Buffalo milk but is scarce.

How do I solve mozzarella cheese mix up?

Apply pressure to the cheese after putting the cheese in a cloth and some whey can be removed by adding salt and allow draining well.

Can the use of rennet get spoiled?

Check the expiring date to be sure so it does not spoil the whole recipe.

Is Mozzarella cheese hard to digest?

Cheese with a low percentage of fat is a way to digest and there are few related issues to indigestion.

Can rennet be kept in the refrigerator?

Keep the rennet in a fridge and not in a deep freezer. The cheese does not require a deep freezer.

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