Homemade Hand Sanitizer
Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Proper scrubbing of hands with soap and water remains the best preventive way of staying protected from the global disease. But availability might also be a challenge in the case of soap and water for handwashing use. The homemade hand sanitizer recipe comes in to fill in the gap with a 60% alcohol base at the minimum to help do the simple trick of getting rid of germs and bacterial—definitely, an excellent way to stay protected.

Warning of Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Don’t get too excited because not every alcohol can do the trick. Methanol is alcohol, here we go, but it contains a toxin that adversely affects the human body. It may cause vomiting, nausea and headache when applied on human skin significantly. Sometimes, it can have serious adverse effects when ingested; such effects may include blindness, seizure and damages to the nervous system. It is merely too fatal to ingest/take in any sanitizer containing methanol.

Regulatory bodies deemed it necessary to call back every single hand sanitizer made with methanol.

Homemade hand sanitizer

It seems safer to stay clear of all methanol or wood alcohol used in sanitizers. If any of this methanol containing sanitizer is in your possession, get rid of them and stay away from them. If there arises any adverse effect resulting from its use, then see a doctor.

Ensure you have a safety measure for kids when using hand sanitizer by and be sure not to let them drink it.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe Tip

Get this straight. The Public use of sanitizers is now professional, unlike before. The creation was to have a touch of expert knowledge. Homemade are meant for emergencies and designed to be only used when professionally produced sanitizers are lacking especially in this COVID-19 outbreak.

The Advice by world health organization (WHO) says it very important to allow the sanitizer to stay 72hours before use.

Here comes the goody; mixing and creating your sanitizer is as easy as lemonade with just three mixtures. Hey, we get to save money, customize it with our favorite fragrance and guard ourselves against killer germs.

Trending Constituents for Homemade Sanitizers

The Best recipe suggests 60% minimum alcohol-based concentration; however, 99% alcohol-based bottle would be a better choice to try. Forget vodka and whiskey; it’s a bit too weak to fight the germs off.

Hand Sanitizer recipe requires 99% isotropic alcohol (call it rubbing alcohol) or 90%-95% ethanol alcohol (call it to grain alcohol). Avoid other alcohol types like butane, wood alcohol and methanol, since they have the harmful toxin. The recipe content will increase during production. A product with alcohol content; say 60%-70% is considered excellent.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer
Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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A homemade hand sanitizer recipe prime ingredient is its alcohol-based content; meaning that sterilizing our hands using just alcohol base of 60%-99% dose the trick. Combining more substances to the alcohol dilutes it and makes the alcohol content drops below the recommended 60%. So why worry about adding aloe vera?

Well, alcohol strips the skin of its protective oil, leaving it dry. Trust me; you won’t like it if your skin is all dry and shrunk. So this is where the aloe vera comes in with its ability to lock moisture and guard the skin against alcohol-based dryness. Oh, you can also replace aloe vera with other alternative such as Glycerin or lotion.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Now to make our sanitizer unique, we can top it with any fragrance of our choice.

Making the right choice when picking an essential oil can help guard us against germs also. For instance, thyme, clove oil and tea tree oil contain antimicrobial properties, but make use of just one drop or two drops as it may irritate the skin. Other types of fragrance oil include chamomile or lavender, which helps soothe the skin. Always take into consideration that certain people may be sensitive to certain kinds of fragrance oils.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe
Protective mask and a hand sanitizer


  • Home blender
  • A bowl for mixing and Spoon
  • Bottles (large and small)
  • Essential oil for fragrance
  • When using 91%- 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Two parts of one cup 91-99% alcohol
  • One part of a half cup of aloe vera gel
  • When using 70% ethanol alcohol
  • Three containers of 70% alcohol
  • One-third cup of aloe vera gel


  • If making with fresh aloe vera, then carefully peel the back and gently scoop the gel inside. Or get one from a nearby store.
  • Mix the isopropyl or ethanol alcohol with the aloe vera gel using their proper ratio. Can choose to increase the mixture if making a larger quantity, but always retain the equivalent rate.
  • Make use of drops from tea tree, Lemongrass, Oregon that makes the drop of the oil liking.
  • Whisk vigorously using a spoon and a bowl. Then blend to achieve a smooth combination. Do not let it clog to allow natural flow in and out of the bottle.
  • After full blending, pour into a smaller portable bottle while the rest goes into a giant container for preservation.
  • Refrigerate or store in an area that is cool and dark. Uncovering aloe vera under light makes it turns pink but doesn’t go wrong because the alcohol volume preservers it.
  • Proper application of hand sanitizers
  • Always shake the mixture properly when about to use.
  • Use generously on your palm.
  • Rub it in thoroughly while focusing behind your hand, finger and fingertips.
Protective mask and a hand sanitizer

Shelve life Hand Sanitizers:

Homemade hand sanitizers recipe can last as long, depending on the mixture you combine with it. Avoid the use of water for the sanitizer to last a year. A combination of a store-bought aloe vera gel helps the sanitizer last longer as long as the expiring date of the gel is not so close. But if it is a homemade aloe vera gel, then it needs to be refrigerated because it will go wrong. The use of Glycerin and witch hazel last 4-6 years. The making for long time use has to be refrigerated to be safe.

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