Simple Baked Tofu

Simple Baked Tofu

This simple oven-baked Tofu is the simplest way to prepare this meal if you are hearing it for the first time. Try it, and you will love it. It’s not only vegetarian meal; anybody can enjoy this simple recipe because there many ways to prepare it.

It is not hard to prepare; it a substitute for meat in may dishes. It is rich in protein and a little trace of fat. Oven-baked Tofu is a simple and easiest way to prepare it and these simple instructions to follow. See recipe below.

Tips for Simple Oven Baked Tofu

1) Look for a good Tofu

The best Tofu is the strongest, and that’s the kind you need for this simple oven-baked Tofu. Do you know that Tofu is from soy? It is good to know that soy is preserved with many chemicals, so it’s best to prepare personally. If you choose to make a purchase look for refrigerated Tofu.

2) Compress and extract out some wetness.

Tofu with much water is not excellent and crunchy for this recipe.  The goal is to cut the Tofu into desired shapes before compressing.  It is faster to extract some water from the Tofu after cutting into bits. This tip is simple, and many are not aware of it.

3) Stiffen the Tofu by Placing it in an oil or soy sauce.

The aim for placing in oil is to get extra firm tofu, and the use of sauce is for good flavour. makes use of starch to make it crunchy and desirable, what a great idea. Cornstarch is best from experience than any starch we have tried.

4) Oven-bake the Tofu.

Use a saucepan to place the Tofu’s well laid. The perfect dish is gotten when the Tofu turns golden. Bake for minutes until the Tofu changes to a golden brown.

Why Oven bake Tofu is the best

It does not matter what you saw on the web, but the practice has proven that oven bake tofu is best with many reasons. It does not glue to the saucepan, its crunchy in mouth and does not require much oil. Cooking tofu is called tofu disaster.

How to Flavor a Tofu

Tofu with good flavour is not achieved only by putting the Tofu in a sauce for a period. It is better to add the baked Tofu in a sauce after baking. Do you know that wet Tofu absorbs flavour quickly? You can consider soaking the Tofu in a sauce over time. Are you looking for crispy Tofu? Bake the Tofu and cook in a sauce for crispy Tofu.

Simple Oven Baked Tofu Recipe.

The preparation of this dish is fifteen minutes, and the cooking time is forty minutes. Yield is serving four. The use of extra virgin olive oil and a soy sauce gives the meal a pleasant flavour.


  • 340grams of Tofu
  • One tablespoon olive oil
  • One tablespoon soy sauce
  • One tablespoon cornstarch


1. Preheat the oven to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. -240 C).

2. Drain and extract the waters in the Tofu by squeezing or compressing. Cut the Tofu into the desired shape. See the picture to see how to cut the Tofu.

how to cut tofu

3. After cutting the Tofu, wrap the Tofu in a light bag and place a heavy object for 20minutes, this will allow the water to drain faster.

4. Put the Tofu in a container and sprinkle the oil and the soy sauce. Spray the cornstarch over the Tofu and turn to make sure all the sides of Tofu are well coated.

Tofu sprinkled with oil and cornstarch

5. Lay the Tofu on a baking sheet, arrange it very well so that you can quickly turn while baking it. Continue to cook until Tofu turns into a golden colour.

simple baked tofu

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