Pesto Salad with Pasta.

Pesto Salad with Pasta
Pesto Salad with Pasta

Are you looking for an easy appetizing dish for any occasion like summer? Pesto Salad with Pasta is a better choice. It does not take time to prepare and is natural and appetizing to taste.

When it comes to all the pasta dishes I know, Pesto salad with pasta is one of the most appetizing of all. The bringing together of all the ingredients is what you cannot resist. This is one of the dishes that should not be missing in any of the summer gatherings or picnic.

How to Make Pesto Salad with Pasta

If you are planning a picnic or hosting a gathering pesto salad with pasta should not be found wanting. To give birth to this healthy dish, the pasta is mixed together with the pesto, cherry tomatoes, nuts, and olive oil with other ingredients to create an appetizing meal. I bet you the family and friends will not be disappointed attending any gathering that this dish served.

Any pasta goes well with this pasta salad but I prefer short pasta. Fusilli pasta is my best choice but a golden penny or rotini is also a good choice. It is good to make use of freeze Basil pesto is much quick and easy for a hungry appetite.

To get the best aroma out of this recipe, it is good to learn how to preserve fresh pesto in the refrigerator for a delicious flavor instead of looking for where to buy. If you are a fan of pesto, I advise you to learn how to freeze pesto (see how to freeze fresh Pesto).

Consider this Pesto salad with pasta as a good choice as it can be served hours after preparation but I prefer it severed just after is done. Depending on the choice you can choose to add garnish your meal with other appetizing like chicken breast or peas depending on taste and preference.

What is Considered as Short Pasta?

There are different sizes of pasta and every pasta is not just good for any pasta recipe. Just for this recipe, we will need not consider all the types of pasta but all that is needed is short spaghetti. like macaroni, fusilli, penne, or any other pasta that you know that is short. Always remember this before preparation.

Do You Know What is Pesto?

Pesto is prepared using different ingredients that include Parmesan cheese, nuts, olive oil with basil herb as the major ingredients that should not be missing before you can give birth to pesto. See how to prepare Easy Basil Pesto. It is widely used in Italian dishes and the aroma and taste are irresistible.

I have developed so much love for this Pesto Salad with Pasta because of its texture and aroma. I considered it as a quick and easy recipe and I bet you can be consumed in a moment. It is a love of the family and a top list of any kind of salad recipe.

Pesto Salad with Pasta Recipe

The preparation time is 10 minutes. Cook time is 15minues while the yield is served 6-8. Start the salad preparation while the water is about to boil.


  • 17g fusilli pasta
  • 4g fresh basil pesto (Freeze basil is easy and quick)
  • 27 chopped green olives, or olive tapenade
  • 1g pine nuts
  • 4g of peas (fresh peas is preferable)
  • 340g cherry tomatoes (neatly sliced)
  • Fresh basil leaves neatly chopped
  • 14.3g olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper.


  1. In salted water according to instruction at the packet cook the pasta. Sieve out the hot water, then pour cold water on it to avoid sticking together.
  2. Using a saucepan toast the pine nut under low heat. Keep a close watch over it as it can easily get burnt. Remove the nut in a cool bowl as it can get burnt if is still in a hot pan without fire.
  3. Place the pasta in a large bowl together with all the other ingredients, and pour the pesto on top of it. Mix together gently to get an even mixture and apply salt and sprinkle with pepper till the desired taste is gotten.
  4. Enjoy with chicken breast as that is my favorite addition.


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